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Wind Surfing

Don't miss the chance to learn how to Wind/Kite Surf in a place of outstanding beauty, with IKO certified instructors and the best conditions to learn!

Whether you know nothing about water sports and you are curious to try windsurfing, or you want to rent a short board to cruise through the sound, we have different kind and sizes of boards to be able to enjoy all conditions, in all levels!


1 lesson

Discover WindSurfing

Introduction to the spot, equipment set-up, safety rules and skills on land, and how to control the sail on the water!

Price: $150*

Duration: 2.5 hs


3 lessons

Basic Course

Learn to control the board on the water, to sail in all directions and practice the water start… to start riding independently!

Price: $400*

Duration: 3 x 2.5 hs


5 lessons

Independent Rider

Become an independent Rider, learn to water start and control your speed by using footstraps and harness. 

Price: $1100*

Duration: 5 x 2.5 hs

*Prices are contributions to the Eleuthera Sailing Academy and used to teach the local kids how to SAIL, WINDSURF and KITE as well!


** Price includes all safety gear, certified instructor, and certification of your progress according IKO standards, so you can continue your lessons or independent kite surfing almost anywhere in the world! 


Do I need any prior experience to take windsurfing lessons?

No prior experience is necessary. Windsurfing lessons are needed for beginners, and instructors will guide you through the basics, including board control, balance, and sail handling. You need to know how to swim though, and be comfortable with falling in the water. You will always wear a lifejacket and your instructor will be close by at all times.

How do I book lessons?

You can book lessons through our website, over the phone +1 242 829 2323, or by visiting our location. We recommend booking in advance, especially during peak seasons.

FAQ SUP, KAYAK and Bote (a flat, stable fishing boat driven by a little electric engine!)

How much does a lesson cost?

We have different packages of 3 or 5 lessons and we offer private and group lessons. A single private lesson costs $150 and a lesson is usually 2.5 hours! We are a non-profit organization and all the income we make will go to teaching sailing and other water sports to the children of Eleuthera.

Where is Savannah Sound?

Savannah Sound is in between Governors Harbour and Rock sound, and it is the best place to kitesurf on Eleuthera due to its location on the Atlantic side (predominant winds), flat water, shallow beach - apart from its astonishing beauty and wildlife!

Can children take windsurfing lessons?

Windsurfing is a great sport to learn as a child. you train strength, balance and coordination as well as some metal toughness and a beautiful connection with the nature and the elements. Our normal program starts from 7 years old but our own daughters are 4 and are already starting we have some incredible cute gear for the smallest windsurfers.

Kitesurf or Windsurf?

This is an ongoing discussion, and like skiing vs. snowboarding, there is one best than the other. The main difference is on the time you need to get up on a board. On a Windsurf you will be standing right away, while kitesurfing you'll need at least 5 hs... Now, after those 5 hs, the progress is really quick, while getting good at windsurfing takes way longer!

Is it SAFE?

We have IKO certified instructors who will make your experience enjoyable and safe at the same time. You'll be wearing life jackets all time and all the gear is check and rechecked after every session. 

At the same time, our location (inside a bay, flat water, with onshore winds) makes it extra safe. Worst case scenario, you'll be walking back to the beach with some sand inside your shirt!

What do I need to bring?

Bring comfortable swimwear, sunscreen, a hat, and a reusable water bottle. we will provide life jacket and if necessary a wetsuits but if you have of your own its always good to bring it.At the same time, our location (inside a bay, flat water, with onshore winds) makes it extra safe. Worst case scenario, you'll be walking back to the beach with some sand inside your shirt!

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