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Sail Boats

We have several boats for you to go cruise and discover the magic of the sound!





* Boat rental depends on availability and prior experience is requiered.


Which boats do you have for rent?

Check out our lineup: there's a Laser, a mini(sun)fish, a Hobbie 14, two Melges 14s, and a pair of Vanguards. Oh, and we're crafting a Prindel 18 too.

Now, about our live-aboard Catamaran, the Bazinga – it's hanging out in the Bay, ready for some action. We're all about those sunset sails (and hey, maybe even popping the big question - just saying!), or if you're feeling like a bit of an explorer, we can round up a crew to hit those secret beaches on the other side of the sound. And guess what? We keep a cold beer stash in the fridge, but that's a little treat we'll rustle up for you upon request!

How do I book lessons or rent a boat?

Feel free to reach out via our website, give us a ring at +1 242 829 2323, or just swing by our place. Planning on dropping by during the busier times? Booking ahead is a smart move.

Do I need prior sailing experience to rent a boat?

To head out on a boat solo, you'll want some know-how and practice under your belt. Our bay's well-protected, so if anything goes awry in most weather, you'll just find yourself on the beach. But hey, our gear's no joke to fix (we handle repairs ourselves), and tracking down spare parts is like searching for treasure. Our goal? We're all about making sure you have a fantastic time. So, we'll chat about your skills, and if needed, you can even sign up for a lesson to get you all set for independent sailing.

Will I see Turtles?

Well, we of course cannot promise you! however.... I personally have never gone on the water without seeing one.

What should I bring?

Sunscreen, a hat, and a water bottle are of utmost importance. If you plan to spend several hours under the strong Bahamian sun while on the water, ensuring your protection is paramount. For your comfort, consider wearing appropriate swimwear and a rash guard. If you have a waterproof bag for your phone and camera, feel free to bring it along. Alternatively, you can ask us for a spare one as we always have them available for borrowing.

Can everyone learn how to sail?

Absolutely, we firmly believe that anyone can learn how to sail. Since sailing has profoundly transformed our lives in incredible ways, we are eager to teach you so that you too can share in this experience.

Furthermore, we offer sailing and windsurfing lessons for adults on Sunday afternoons. Our team of passionate sailors enjoys both learning new skills on the water together and forming friendships. This is often followed by a relaxing time with beer and a campfire. If you extend your stay on the island, we welcome you to become a club member and be a part of this fantastic group!

Can children learn how to sail?

Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely! That's precisely why we established this nonprofit on Eleuthera! Every Saturday morning from 9 to 1, we provide beginner's lessons for children who are interested in grasping the fundamentals of sailing. Moreover, we offer various private and group lessons. Alternatively, you can take them out on the Vanguard 15 or Hobbie 14 and introduce them to the enchanting experience of gliding over the water powered by the wind!

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