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Our Vision

Learning how to sail changed our lives forever. We want to give the same chance to the kids from Eleuthera.

Sailing is fun. Sailing gives you freedom. Through sailing, you can connect with nature.  Sailing clears your mind and keeps you fit. It teaches you how to make decisions and choose where you want to go. You can make friends for life, learning to work together as a team, with and not against the elements. Sailing teaches you to be a captain of your own life!

About Us

We believe that all young people have the ability to become captains of their own lives and that the challenges of Sailing and Watersports promote healthy life values and a connection with nature, building essential personal skills.

We give the children of The Bahamas the opportunity to grow on the water and learn how to master the elements and themselves.

But our vision doesn’t stop there. 

We believe that sailing is for everybody.

Imagine, you live on an island, surrounded by crystal clear water, windy almost every day of the year and it so warm that you only need sunscreen… you could SAIL EVERY DAY! 

The Bahamas is a world-class destination for sailors, but unfortunately, only a small part of the population enjoys it. Many children don’t even know how to swim while they live in a sailing paradise and surrounded by water!

At the Eleuthera Sailing Academy, everybody can learn how to sail.  

Together we can make The Bahamas a Sailing nation!
Let's make them sailors!

Carlien Pels

Director - Kite Instructor

Carlien used to be a crazy traveler with a passion for watersports.

She is an anthropologist, who used to live on a sailing boat, with a deep fascination for different cultures and natural wonders.

The Team


Martin Manrique

Director - Sailing Coach

Martin was sailing WORLD champion at the age of 12, has a deep love for the sport and is passionate about the life-changing opportunities sailing provides!

He is also an engineer, but he has 20 years of coaching experience with great success in the Optimist and Laser Class and before coming to the Bahamas he was involved in an Olympic Campaign on NACRA 17 CLASS.

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 18.40.38.png

Craig Symonette


Craig's love for Eleuthera and its people has driven him to envision a place in which every child has the opportunity to learn how to sail.

His dream is that Sailing becomes the Bahamian National Sport and that everybody will be able to feel the freedom and joy that sailing brings! 

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