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Kayak, SUP & Bote

Come and discover the wonders of the Sound on a glass-bottom kayak, Stand up Paddle, or our 'Bote' (a big SUP powered by an electric trolling engine).


What is stand-up paddle boarding (SUP)?

Stand-up paddle boarding is a water activity where participants stand on a large board and use a paddle to propel themselves across the water. It combines elements of surfing and kayaking and offers a full-body workout.

Where is Savannah Sound?

Savannah Sound is in between Governors Harbour and Rock sound. The sound is at the Atlantic side of the island but due to its protection of Windemere island and mangrove forests it is excellent for Paddle boarding and Kayaking. they bay has many different beaches and mangrove channels to get lost. You can also paddle your way to the Fishbone Beach bar for lunch or a drink. This all apart from the incredible wildlife you can spot in the bay... we often see turtles (always!), stingrays, eagle rays, dolphins, all sorts of (little) sharks and sooooooo much more.

Will I see Turtles?

Well, we off course cannot promise you! however.... I personally have never gone on the water without seeing one.

What is the Bote?

Its called a solid micro skiff. A perfect paddle board like boat to go line fishing around the bay or to spot turtles and other wildlife in the mangroves. It is driven by a little silent electric engine which goes up to 2 hours of power.

What should I bring ?

Very important is Sunscreen a hat and a water bottle you’ll spend a few ours on the water under the sun and the sun is strong in Bahamas so it is very important you protect yourself. for the rest some comfortable swim wear and a rash guard is recommended. If you have a waterproof bag for phones and cameras you can bring it with you on the water, otherwise ask us we always have a spare to borrow.

How much is it to rent a Kayak or SUP?

It is 30 dollars for half a day so you have no rush to come back and you can get lost in the beauty of the Sound. We are a non-profit organization and all the income we make will go to teaching sailing and other water sports to the children of Eleuthera.

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