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Kite Surfing

Don't miss the chance to learn how to Wind/Kite Surf in a place of outstanding beauty, with IKO certified instructors and the best conditions to learn!

The Savannah Sound is KITE PARADISE. Best place on the island for the prevailing wind direction (and the only flat spot on the Atlantic side), Flat and shallow water, and best of all is that it is full of turtles, bonefish, manta rays... Best kite spot in the Bahamas (and why not, the world?!)


We offer single and double kite lessons for anyone that wants to learn this exciting sport, we also offer our facilities to come and launch the kite, clean your gear, take a sweet water shower and why not have a beer with the local wind and kite surfers!


1 lesson

Discover Kite Surfing

Introduction to the spot, equipment set-up, safety rules and skills on land, and how to control a trainer kite on the water!

Price: $250* 

Duration: 2.5 hs

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3 lessons

Basic Course

Learn to control the kite on the water, to body drag and to recover the board, to self-rescue and practice the water start… to start riding independently!

Price: $700*

Duration: 3 x 2.5 hs


5 lessons

Independent Rider

Become an independent Rider, learn to water start and control your speed by edging the board. By the end of the course, you will be ready to go on your own!

Price: $1100*

Duration: 5 x 2.5 hs

We recommend learning in groups of 2 students per instructor.

This way you get lots of personal attention and time on the kite. Besides, you can also watch the other student kiting while getting live feedback and remarks from your instructor, we believe this is very educational!

Duo-lessons are $200 per person (and the lesson will be 3 hs)

*Prices are contributions to the Eleuthera Sailing Academy and used to teach the local kids how to SAIL, WINDSURF and KITE as well!


** Price includes all safety gear, certified instructor, and certification of your progress according IKO standards, so you can continue your lessons or independent kite surfing almost anywhere in the world! 


How much wind do we need to kitesurf?

We have different kite sizes so we can go with any wind from 12 knts (25 km/hs) on. Best season is the Winter! Although we usually have wind all year round.

Where is Savannah Sound?

Savannah Sound is in between Governors Harbour and Rock sound, and it is the best place to kitesurf on Eleuthera due to its location on the Atlantic side (predominant winds), flat water, shallow beach - apart from its astonishing beauty and wildlife!

Kitesurf or Windsurf?

This is an ongoing discussion, and like skiing vs. snowboarding, there is one best than the other. The main difference is on the time you need to get up on a board. On a Windsurf you will be standing right away, while kitesurfing you'll need at least 5 hs... Now, after those 5 hs, the progress is really quick, while getting good at windsurfing takes way longer!

Is it SAFE?

We have IKO certified instructors who will make your experience enjoyable and safe at the same time. You'll be wearing life jackets all time and all the gear is check and rechecked after every session. 

At the same time, our location (inside a bay, flat water, with onshore winds) makes it extra safe. Worst case scenario, you'll be walking back to the beach with some sand inside your shirt!

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